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Smart Differential pressure transmitter

Model No.︰3051
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Country of Origin︰China
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Product Description

3051 Smart Differential pressure transmitter



With advanced microprocessor technology and state-of-art silicon pressure sensor, the 3051 series intelligent differential pressure transmitter provide an accurate, reliable and economic solution for wire range of pressure measurement application. To reach the best performance, every silicon pressure sensor in our transmitter is specially temperature compensated, non-linear compensated, tested and screened before assembly.



Measurement of fluid flow, liquid level, volume and mass



Real time configured during operation

The pressure signal can be linear corrected

Reserve connection protection on circuit board, current limitation

The configured parameters keep same after stored in E PORM

High precision, high stability

Rough and anti-vibration components and plug-in PCB

Explosive proof configuration

Sensor trim, zero trim and damp can be continuously adjustable



Measurement range:

Pressure Range

Maximum Static pressure

0  to 0.125~1.6 kPa


0  to 1.3~8kPa


0 to 6.2~40kPa


0  to 31.1~250kPa


0  to 117~ 1MPa


0 to 0.345~2.5MPa



Output current: DC 4-20mA, HART communication protocol

Output type: Linear, Square root (remote adjusted by configuration software)

Damp time: 0.1 second to 32 second, can be adjustable

Ambient temperature: -40 to 85 (without LCD); -20 to 70 (with LCD)

Operating temperature: -40 to 104

Storage temperature: -40 to 85

Ambient humidity: <95%RH

Volume change: < 0.01in3 or 0.16cm3 (Zero reference calibration range, filled silicone oil, 316SS isolation diaphragm)

Accuracy:   ± 0.1 % FS @ Range ratio 5:1:

                      ± 0.25 % FS @ range ratio 5:1

Stability:  ± 0.5%URL within 6 months

Ambient temperature effects:  -29 to 85

                   Error on zero point: 0.5%URL/56℃,                  

                   Overall error: (0.5%URL+0.2%Rd) /56

Vibration effects: 0.2%URL/g @ 200Hz on any axis.

Power supply:  1236VDC

Mounting position effects: The zero drift is less than ± 0.25kPa, all zero drifts can be tare off and no effects for range.

Overloading effects: No effects unless voltage changes

Overload character: Current Overload ≤ {Us-12÷0.02Us= supply voltage} Ω

Allowed Loading resistance range: 0 ~ 600Ω@ DC 24V

Remark: It needs a standard 250Ωresistance when using HART operator



Isolation diaphragm: 316 stainless steel

Release/drain valve:  316 stainless steel

Flange and connector: 316 stainless steel

Sealing rings: Fluorous rubber, Nitrile rubber

Filling liquid: Silicone oil

Blot: 316 stainless steel, 20 # steel

Electronic: Low copper alloy aluminum

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