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Digital Thermometer

Model No.︰DTM-300C
Brand Name︰Baluntech
Country of Origin︰-
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Product Description


The DTM-300 Digital Thermometers can replace many liquid-in-glass thermometers and also serve as a reference standard for other types of digital or analog temperature indicators. The digital readout head and probe fixed together as a system.

The DTM-160 is a precision measuring instrument for temperature measurement industry of -60 to 300 . The high precision digital thermometer has two integral probe length options of 12in (300mm) and 20in (500mm).

The DTM-160 features a user-configurable trend indicator. With this feature, the user knows at a glance if the reading is stable or trending higher or lower. The display also incorporates a high intensity backlight for easy reading in any lighting condition from full sun to pitch dark.

With the use of the optional software accessory, DTM-160 high precision digital thermometers become a high performance, easy to use temperature data loggers. It allows the user to create a full suite of logging options, download them to the DTM-160, then retrieve, format, display and save the data using Microsoft Excel spreadsheet files. The DTM-160's RS-232 serial port can also be used for configuration and recalibration support via Windows HyperTerminal.



  • One year accuracy is 0.05+0.01% RD
  • Resolution 0.001.
  • 2.4G wireless (150meter) or RS232 communication
  • Zero temperature marking function.
  • Over-temperature warning function.
  • Temperature fluctuation calculation function.
  • Maximum working time is up to 1400 hours continuously.
  • The Built-in gravity sensor, the screen can be rotated.
  • Small volume, easy to carry.



  • Temperature range: -60 ~300
  • One year accuracy: 0.05 +0.01%RD
  • Probe Length: 500mm (20inch)
  • Sensor type: 100ohm platinum resistance wire wound sensor
  • Resolution: 0.01, 0.001
  • Sampling rate: 1 second, 3 seconds
  • Data logging: 16 files, totaled 16,000 data, max data is 8000 in every file
  • Communication: RS232, 2.4G Wireless (optional)
  • Working time: 14,000 hours (700 hours under wireless)
  • DC: 3x AAA battery
  • AC: None
  • Working Ambient: -10 ~ 50
  • Heat time: 1 minute
  • Electronics Dimension: 104mm x 46mm x 30mm (excludes probe)
  • Weight: 160g (includes battery)


Ordering Model Number: DTM-300


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